My mission is to help individual consumers locate and identify restaurants, food trucks services, chefs/caterers, and dining establishments that are black owned. Overall where to buy black!  

And to help black business owners increase awareness of customer service gaps, and make changes that will appeal to their customer service base via marketing and outreach.

The BLM movement has involved in majority of Angelenos a strong desire to work toward equality for all races, and specifically support and strengthen black communities. Supporting black owned businesses is a strategic and sustainable method in achieving this goal, and the citizens of Los Angeles understand the urgency and are eager to get involved.

Therefore, by providing an interactive and engaging directory of black owned businesses, the eager consumer will have useful and relevant options within one succinct, trustworthy, and centralized location.

Thank you for supporting this website and anything that has to do with @blackownedfoodla. I am appreciative for any feedback or suggestion, please email me.