BOFLA Restaurant Week

The 1st Annual Black Owned Food LA Restaurant Week is an event to support local black owned restaurants throughout Los Angeles. About this event Black Owned Food LA is a 2 week run after the Thanksgiving holiday before Christmas spotlight on restaurants, chefs, caterers throughout Los Angeles.

This campaign will help boost the traffic to help keep the doors open while restaurants bounce back from the pandemic. Come join me by bringing your family and friends out to support these business. Many of these business would like to thank you for ordering take out, placing your order online and dining in if applicable and appreciate your continual support.

Wednesday December 8th begins Restaurant Week.

This is how it works. View list of participating restaurants on IG and

Each participant will have their own BOFLA special. Information will be posted on IG daily for the duration of BOFLA restaurant week.

Tag #blackownedfoodla when you visit these locations for a chance to win free groceries, an Oh My Burger Kit, and meals and drinks from participating restaurants. Let’s show these restaurants that we support them!

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